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Saving for the Future and Generating a Return


Christian talk radio with Rob West

July 18, 2022

The future is coming at you fast and if you’re going to be financially prepared, it’s wise to take steps now. Just ahead, we’ll talk about growing your money to meet future needs. Whether you’re saving for a shorter-term purchase or something longer-term such as investing for retirement the best time to start is now. More on that just ahead. Well, we’re grateful to have you along this Monday. And, as you may know, on most Mondays, our first day of the broadcast week, we focus on first principles those underlying precepts that guide everything we talk about on this program. Each week, we talk about one of the five basic ways that we all interact with money. Here’s what they are: We can earn money, we can live on it, we can give it away, we can owe it to someone or to the government, and we can grow it for the future.

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