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The Trouble with Investing for Retirement With Jeff Haanen


Christian talk radio with Rob West

July 25, 2022

Many people today invest for the purpose of retirement. Yet, retirement, at least how we think of it today, isn’t something we find in Scripture. So what’s the biblical vision for our later years of life? And how might this biblical vision change why and how we invest today? We’ll talk about that with author Jeff Haanen today. Jeff Haanen is the author of the book An Uncommon Guide to Retirement. Today, we talk to Jeff about retirement and investing, which he wrote about recently for the Eventide Center for Faith Investing. The Eventide Center for Faith Investing is an educational initiative of Eventide Asset Management and an underwriter of MoneyWise. Jeff Haanen offers insight on what most people envision when they think of retirement, and why, as Christians, these views can present challenges. He also discusses how people view their investing in light of their vision for retirement and what a biblical vision for retirement actually looks like. Haanen discusses why people need a sabbatical in early retirement. And he explains the difference between our vision today of retirement and a biblical vision of an elder. He explains how this might this influence people's vision for investing for retirement (giving, saving, spending), and how this may influence the work of financial advisors. He also discusses how it might impact our vision for work over a lifetime. To read his articles on retirement and investing, and to discover more resources for faithful investing, go to FaithandInvesting. com/moneywise. On today’s program, Rob also answers listener questions: ● Is term life insurance preferable to whole life?

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