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Finding Peace in Uncertainty


Christian talk radio with Rob West

October 8, 2022

Finding peace in uncertain times is a true blessing, but we all know that’s easier said than done. Fortunately, there are positive and practical steps you can take to increase your faith in God’s promise to provide. We’ll go over several of them today on MoneyWise. We’ve all experienced uncertainty in our lives and the anxiety and worry it causes. In those times it’s important to keep a clear head and avoid making some common mistakes with your money. So the first thing you can do to find peace is open God’s Word. It’s the antidote for the fear that arises during times of uncertainty. That fear can lead to irrational thinking and irrational behavior, but the Bible says to "Fear not" over 300 times. The most effective way to overcome fear is to have God's perspectiveHe's never surprised and He's in total control of all circumstances. He's going to use it for his purposes and kingdom growth. If you have a long-term financial plan, consider whether your plan will stand the test of time. This is a battle best fought on your knees in prayer to God that He’ll show you the right path. The next practical step is to focus only on what you can control. You can't control the Federal Reserve, the stock market, or the GDP, but you can control what God provides you to steward and manage. When you look at what Scripture says about money, you’ll see that God plays a role and you play a role. He's ultimately the owner and controls everything. He's also responsible for your provision. Your part is confirming that you have a solid spending plan that includes giving and debt reduction. The free MoneyWise App will help you set up that spending plan and manage it so you know where every dollar is going. Just look for MoneyWise, biblical finance at your app store. Now here’s a very practical step you can take to overcome fear: Stop looking at your investment accounts every day or several times a day. Forget the daily headlines. Fixating on the financial news is actually harmful to your decision-making process. Instead, stick to your long term financial and investment plans and focus on your daily study of God’s Word. Re-focus on having an awe of God, and all of your short-term concerns come into proper focus. Your next step is to keep up your giving. Sadly, one of the first things many people cut during times of uncertainty. So I challenge you not to do that, but instead to trust God as an act of obedience and worship, even in difficult times. Giving breaks the power that money can have over your life. Giving shows where you've ultimately placed your trust as you hold on loosely to everything. And as a follower of Christ, you should give more if you're doing okay, because many people aren’t. God's given you resources, financial and otherwise, to use for His honor and glory. So look around for someone who might need your help. It demonstrates your faith and will give you peace. Now, I mentioned your spending plan earlier. Let me add that it should be long term, as well. You need to stick to it. One of the fundamentals of planning is that it helps you make better short-term decisions. A long-term perspective of your finances is really an eternal perspective. Your spending plan shouldn’t have to change in times of uncertainty, because it anticipates uncertainty. How does a budget do that? By having a category for emergencies. If you don’t have one, start now. Put away something every payday until you have 3 to 6 months’ living expenses in liquid savings. That’s how you plan for uncertainty and doing it will give you great peace of mind. If you have debt and you’re struggling to keep up with it, let your creditors know. Run toward them, not away. They may be willing to reconfigure your monthly payments. You can also contact Christian Credit Counselors. They can help you pay off obligations in full 80% faster. Last but certainly not least on your list to find peace in uncertain times is, pay attention to what God may be telling you. Spend time with him and listen for His guidance and wisdom and trust Him in your daily actions and decisions. You can, with certainty, place your faith in the eternal God who created everything and has all wisdom and knowledge. He has your best interests at heart. Study his Word and spend time with him. Okay, those are some very practical steps you can take to find peace in uncertain times. We hope they’ll be a comfort to you. On today’s program, Rob also answers listener questions: ● Is an annuity a good investment vehicle? ● How should you use proceeds from the sale of a rental house?

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