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Charitable Gift Annuities With George Duffin


Christian talk radio with Rob West

October 13, 2022

Question: How can you receive income and increase your generosity at the same time? The answer: With a charitable gift annuity. It gives you both security and a novel way to be more generous with ministries and organizations doing the Lord’s work. We talk about this special kind of annuity today with George Duffin. George Duffin with the National Christian Foundation, an underwriter of MoneyWise. George has led NCF’s Charitable Gift Annuity program for 17 years, helping more than 1000 believers set up these special accounts that provide much needed funding for around 240 ministries and charities. On today’s program, Duffin explains how charitable gift annuities help believers be more generous with God’s resources. Duffin explains: - Exactly what a charitable gift annuity is - The beauty of a CGA’s simplicity - How these annuities benefit ministries and other charities He also says charitable gift annuities are not only for older folks who’ve accumulated a lot of wealth. Duffin also explains how and why CGA’s appeal to younger people, and why they’re not just for the wealthy, but for everyday stewards as well. He explains whether this is a good time to contribute with a charitable gift annuity. He also addresses potential challenges or drawbacks with CGAs. NCFgiving.comfeatures a whole resource section on CGAs, including videos and a CGA calculator. Learn more about How Charitable Gift Annuities Work. You can also contact your local NCF office if you’re interested and want to know more. On today’s program, Rob also answers listener questions: ● Are I-bonds a good investment? ● How do you use a secured credit card to build credit?

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