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Moody Church Hour

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Moody Church Hour is the weekly radio outreach of The Moody Church in Chicago, Illinois. Moody Church Hour features the Bible teaching of Dr. Erwin Lutzer, Senior Pastor of Moody Church since 1980. Dr. Lutzer's teaching brings listeners to a deeper understanding of God and His purpose in their lives. According to Dr. Lutzer, "We want people to be confronted with the reality of God and their need for personal obedience to His Word."

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Sep 27

I Believe In The Ordinances (I Believe In The Church)

Baptism and the Lords Supper are the two most meaningful observances in the life of the church. Christ commanded that we practice them as outward symbols of His inner working in our lives. In this message we examine the ordinances of the church.

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Perhaps there is no more poignant picture of Christ as when He took the basin and the towel to wash His disciples' feet. He wanted them to know that the way to greatness was through the pathway of service.

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Life in the body of Christ brings with it a wonderful element of fellowship, both with God and with other believers. And the basis for that fellowship is spoken of by the Apostle John as walking in the light.

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It was Jesus who proclaimed, "I will build My church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it." The church is one of God's primary means of working in the world, and it is vital that every Christian develop a growing relationship with a local body of believers.

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Before people believe in Jesus, they have no choice: they will sin repeatedly. After conversion, they do have a choice, no longer obligated to practice the sins they committed before. Breaking free from old patterns involves a process called reckoning oneself dead unto sin but alive unto God. In this message we learn what this reckoning is all about.

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