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Moody Church Hour

Christian talk radio with Erwin Lutzer

Moody Church Hour is the weekly radio outreach of The Moody Church in Chicago, Illinois. Moody Church Hour features the Bible teaching of Dr. Erwin Lutzer, Senior Pastor of Moody Church since 1980. Dr. Lutzer's teaching brings listeners to a deeper understanding of God and His purpose in their lives. According to Dr. Lutzer, "We want people to be confronted with the reality of God and their need for personal obedience to His Word."

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Jan 22

The Word Of God Transforms Us

Meditation can bring mysticism or calming exercises to mind. But biblical meditation is how God renews our minds, leading to joyful, productive lives. In this message from Psalm 1, we follow the steps towards the path of blessing. By internalizing God’s Word, we’re transformed to follow the direction God has for us.

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When we come to the Bible with pride or apathy, we go away without any transformation. Receiving instruction from God’s Word helps us to listen for our name. In this message from James 1, we practically prepare our hearts to hear God’s Word. When our hearts don’t respond, is there hope for change?

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Is God’s Word sufficient when we feel powerless or hopeless? Only by focusing on the Word of God can we have lasting joy that the world can’t take away. In this message from Psalm 119, we realize the indispensable value of the Word. “The precepts of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart. ”

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Despite its widespread influence, very few people read the Bible every day. Yet like we need food and water, we need the Word of God daily. In this message, we encounter the Bible’s origin and purpose. Despite our temptations and distractions, we can develop an appetite for the eternal Word of God.

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In ancient culture, shepherds had the low rung on the ladder. When Jesus was born, the heavenly host of angels appeared to humble men tending sheep for the temple sacrifices. In this message, we find stunning similarities between the shepherds and the Good Shepherd. The shepherds told everyone of their joy at meeting the baby.

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