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Christian talk radio with Mark Gregston

February 12, 2020

What does your teen’s room look like right now? Like a bomb hit it … right? Hi, I’m Mark Gregston… with Parenting Today’s Teens. I often meet parents who are adamant about their teen having a tidy room and a perfectly made bed. They demand a spotless household… while the relationships are in shambles. Our homes are a reflection of who we really are… and our cleanliness standards reflect what we want for our kids. So… yes… we want our teens to present themselves well. But …a sterile home sometimes houses sterile relationships. Do you need to make some priority adjustments today? Maybe you could lighten up a bit …and quit riding your teen over his or her room. It’ll create an atmosphere of rest for the whole family. Even though your teen’s room is still a disaster! The post Disaster Area appeared first on Parenting Today's Teens.

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