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Trying to Look Good

Parenting Today’s Teens

Christian talk radio with Mark Gregston

February 19, 2020

I once had a teenager tell me… “My parents held me to high standards… so they’d look good… not because I was good for me.” Hi, I’m Mark Gregston… with Parenting Today’s Teens. It’s tragic that some parents place more value on looking good… at the cost of actually being good moms and dads. And when that happens, the world may applaud them. But let me warn you… your teen can sniff out a phony parent a mile away! They know when you’re performing for the crowd… instead of investing in the family. Hey, if you’re afraid your kids’ mistakes will be an embarrassment to your reputation… you should probably sit down and examine your motivations. Let go of the pretense. Let yourself be the imperfect… but authentic… parent your kids need! The post Trying to Look Good appeared first on Parenting Today's Teens.

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