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Real Life Radio is the daily, half-hour program of Jack Hibbs, Founder and Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills in Southern California. Pastor Jack is best known for his passionate, expositional teachings, through the timeless truth of God’s Word. Real Life Radio takes listeners verse-by-verse through the Bible.

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May 20

Antichrist Is Coming To Town - 2C

Evil and deception is the work of Satan, and our resistance towards God can blind us. This Antichrist of Revelation Chapter 13 will bring out the worst in people, but we’re here now, able to decide, able to choose, and able to receive Jesus Christ today.

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The Antichrist will be mortally wounded, but his deadly wound will be miraculously healed. The world will marvel, and Satan will receive the worship he longs for.

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The Apostle Paul warned us about false profits, and false teachers. In the last days, the world hates a real Christian, and hates the real Jesus.

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The cults do their best to tear Jesus down and deny His deity. But Jesus made it clear when He said, I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

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After Satan was cast out of heaven, as we saw in Revelation Chapter 12, he knows what little time he has left on the earth. This is why he goes all out to mock God, and spreads false teachings about the deity of Christ.

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