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Real Radio is the daily, half-hour program of Jack Hibbs, Founder and Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills in Southern California. Pastor Jack is best known for his passionate, expositional teachings, through the timeless truth of God’s Word. Real Radio takes listeners verse-by-verse through the Bible.

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Apr 21

My Dear Laodicea, I’ve Written You A Letter - C

If Jesus is not the head of our church, then we will suffer eternal consequences. If we are proud of our church, and what we’ve done for it, we are self-absorbed, and are only deceiving ourselves. If the Holy Spirit is not alive in our hearts, we have no power, and are lost in our sins.

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There are a lot of churches today that are like the church of Laodicea. They only teach part of the truth. Jesus has revealed in His Word, the Bible, exactly who He is, and that He is the only way to Heaven. But many churches choose to revise His identity, and undermine His authority.

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In this final letter to the seven churches, we’ll see how wealthy the church of Laodicea was. A man-made user-friendly church that Jesus had nothing good to say about. The church is more than just a building, and if Jesus is not within a church, it is dead inside.

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Jesus reminds the church of Philadelphia that He is the Coming One. He is coming again for those who are waiting for Him. We needn’t fear, or worry about the shaking and the noise around us. In Jesus we have our identity, and He will make us pillars that will never fall down.

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God’s love for us never changes. He is our Protector and Defender, and opens doors that no one can shut. The church at Philadelphia had enemies within the church and without, but they kept God’s Word and never denied His name. Even in their weakness, they kept their witness as believers.

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