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To help you hear and do the Word of God, Renewing Your Mind and Renewing Your Mind Weekend delivers substantive Christian education through the radio with Speaker R.C. Sproul: "I dream of a new reformation," Sproul said, "a reformation that is not simply a renewal of life but a new vision of life: a vision that yields new forms and structures in society and culture. As long as Christians restrict their Christianity to a religion a faith that is compartmentalized and isolated from life they can have revival but never ever reformation. We need to hear and do the Word of God in all of our lives."

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Sep 18

It's Not as It Seems

No moment in the lives of God's children is ever completely without hope. Today, R.C. Sproul brings us to the darkest hour of Jacob's life to show how the Lord had purposed this trial for His glory and Jacob's good.

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Because God alone has absolute authority, only His Word can be the highest authority in the church. Today, R.C. Sproul considers how the authority of Scripture plays out in our everyday lives as Christians.

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Sep 16


How do we know that the right books--and only the right books--made it into the Bible? Today, R.C. Sproul interacts with the question of the canon of Scripture.

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Is the Bible without error in all that it teaches and reveals? Today, R.C. Sproul shows that our answer to that question influences every other doctrine in our faith.

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All of Scripture, down to the individual words penned by the prophets and Apostles, has been breathed forth by the Holy Spirit. Today, R.C. Sproul discusses the authority and inspiration of the Bible.

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