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Faithful God (Part Three): A Turning Point

Sound Words

Christian talk radio with Jesse Randolph

October 9, 2022

In Hosea's day, the nation of Israel had turned its back on God, and turned to the wicked practice of worshiping the false gods of the surrounding nations. Though Israel would soon face judgment (by way of defeat by, and deportation through, the neighboring people of Assyria), God was—and still is—faithful to the original covenant promises He made to Israel, through Abraham. Israel, who had been called "No Mercy, " would again be shown mercy, and Israel, who had been called "Not My People, " had not lost its status as God's people. This section of Hosea contains important truths not only for the Israel of Hosea's day, but for the people of Israel both today and in the future. In this sermon, "A Turning Point," Pastor Jesse Randolph addresses these and other matters in his verse-by-verse exposition of Hosea 1:10-2:1.

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