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Faithful God (Part Four): A Passionate Plea

Sound Words

Christian talk radio with Jesse Randolph

October 16, 2022

The book of Hosea goes back and forth between the portrayal of God and His faithless people (Israel) and Hosea and His faithless bride (Gomer), with the various players involved relating seamlessly and the scenes shifting suddenly. In this section of Hosea's prophecy, the scene shifts again, back to the household of Hosea, and his plea with Gomer to turn from her adulterous ways and to return to him. At the same time, the God of Israel is making a similar plea—through Hosea--to the people of Israel, as He urges this apostate nation to return to Him, or else face dire consequences for their wickedness and idolatry. In this sermon, "A Passionate Plea," Pastor Jesse Randolph addresses these and other matters in his verse-by-verse exposition of Hosea 2:2-13.

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