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Faithful God (Part Five): A Reclaimed Bride

Sound Words

Christian talk radio with Jesse Randolph

October 30, 2022

The book of Hosea shifts back and forth between the portrayal of God and His faithless people (Israel) and Hosea and His faithless bride (Gomer), with the various players involved relating seamlessly and the scenes shifting suddenly. In this section of Hosea's prophecy, the scene shifts again, this time to a scene in which the Lord makes clear that, though Israel had forgotten Him, He Himself had not forgotten Israel. Though He had every right to be done with Israel in light of its ongoing apostasy and spiritual adultery, the Lord promises a coming day of spiritual renewal and blessing. This day of favor will come not because Israel deserves it, but instead because God is faithful to the promises He made to His chosen nation. In this sermon, "A Reclaimed Bride," Pastor Jesse Randolph addresses these and other matters in his verse-by-verse exposition of Hosea 2:14-23.

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