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Wednesday, March 27

The Accomplishments of the Cross

When Jesus died on the cross, our sins were forgiven. But in this message, Dr. Tony Evans tells us why that was only the beginning.

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About The Alternative

The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans is a daily thirty-minute radio program that seeks to equip, empower and unite Christians to impact the lives of others, from a Biblically-based perspective. Each day on the broadcast, Dr. Tony Evans works to impact individuals, families, churches and communities for the rebuilding of lives; from the inside out. If you contact this ministry, be sure to tell them you listen on Bott Radio Network!

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Broadcast Episode


Jesus the Christ

Jesus’ death on the cross brought us redemption. But in this message, Dr. Tony Evans explains that other facets of his ministry brought us relationship and moreand they’re all described by the word Christ.

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Broadcast Episode

Monday, April 22

Jesus the Savior

In this message, Dr. Tony Evans will kick off a series on the power of Jesus' names. The Bible uses many of them and each one tells us something significant. He'll start with one of the most familiar and most important.

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Sunday, April 21

Failure in Your Journey

Dr. Tony Evans shares insights on the importance of spiritual growth after salvation. He emphasizes that accepting Christ is just the beginning, and believers must intentionally pursue spiritual maturity to experience the reality of Christ in their lives.

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Friday, April 19

God and Civil Leaders

Dr. Tony Evans says being a kingdom voter means godly values guide our decisions about policies and people. In this message, he’ll talk about the connection between God and civil leaders and offer biblical advice about how to recognize candidates with character.

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Broadcast Episode

Thursday, April 18

God and Church and State, Part 2

The Constitution guarantees us freedom of religion, but Dr. Tony Evans says that too many people have taken that to mean freedom from religion. In this message, he’ll talk about why God created governments in the first place and explain why the influence and involvement of faithful people is a vital part of keeping them on track.

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