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A ministry of hope and truth that shares the Good News of Jesus Christ and offers the Transforming Hope of a Discipled Life.  Dr. Shane Stanford is a pastor, teacher and author.  With 18 books published and counting, his passion is sharing the saving message of Jesus and offering hope to the hopeless. Shane was born an hemophiliac and contracted HIV and HepC as a teenager.  He married his high school sweetheart, Dr. Pokey Stanford (an educational specialist).  Now, 30 years later, Shane and Pokey share a life mission to Love Jesus and Love Like Jesus so the world knows a witness of hope, love and strength.

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Aug 5

Battling Anxiety in Moments of Crisis | Undermind Part 1

When anxiety comes and you feel yourself caught in the middle of a crisis, how do you cope? The Stanfords start a new series that will help you discover a Biblical response to anxiety and find victory in the power of Jesus over our physical and mental struggles and brokenness.

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Here are the five principles: --Find a Scripture by category—pick an issue. Bible Study Tools is a great place to find Scripture that applies to categories like anxiety, anger, or temptation. --Find a commentary to read alongside a Scripture passage. Open Bible and Bible Gateway are both great resources for commentaries. --Break the primary verse down by words and find the meaning of the words you don't know. --Put the verse in the words that you now understand. What is the true purpose of the passage? Does this actually say what you thought it said? Did you learn anything? Did anything become stronger? --Put the verse(s) everywhere: on your mirror, in your car, on your phone lock screen, etc. This is just a starting place, but it's an effective way to start learning how to read Scripture and understand it. Our God is not far off, he is near to us and wants to show us the truth. As James 4:8 tells us, "Come near to God and he will come near to you."

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Hey friends, This isn't the first time the Stanfords have discussed dealing with a difficult medical diagnosis on this show. For Shane and Pokey, this topic has hit close to home for more than three decades. Shane has battled HIV and hemophilia since he was a teenager, and when you've got tough diagnoses like those, things can start to look very grim very quickly. This episode feels even more important now that we're months into this jarring, inexplicable pandemic. I've felt myself getting more and more exhausted as the days and weeks stretch on. The news comes in waves, never-ending, and I'm starting to see people I know and love getting this virus. How do we handle something like this as followers of Jesus? How can we possibly have the hope that Paul and James talk about in their letters? The truth is, the secret to the hope-filled life won't come from a seminar or a book from a well-known author. It won't come from a news story or a Facebook post. The real, Tuesday-morning-in-a-pandemic, deeply-rooted hope that transcends world events and tragedies is something that can only grow inside us a day at a time through the power of the Holy Spirit. The Stanfords give some really great examples of how to take difficult circumstances a day at a time and seek after the One who can give you true hope. 1. React honestly; 2. Reflect on the path forward; 3. Resource accordingly; 4. Respond faithfully; 5. Remember, you are more than the sum of what you survive. We would love to hear from you, friends. If you're walking through a difficult diagnosis, have a prayer request, or just want to share some comments with Pastor Shane, you can email him at If you have technical questions, are interested in being a contributor with You Matter Ministry, or want to become a sponsor of the show, you can email me at As always, we want you to visit our website at Go into the world and be salt and light. You matter, friends! God bless, Jonathan Gibson - Executive Producer, You Matter Ministry

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Summer is almost over, and the country is scrambling to figure out how kids will be able to go back to school this fall. Dr. Pokey Stanford and Jonathan Gibson walk through what parents can do to navigate this difficult season with Biblical truth and grace.

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This week, the Stanfords discuss the five practical ways we can actively fight racism within the church and around our communities, as well as the importance of confession on the road to healing deep wounds.

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