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The Rick Altizer Show is a weekly 30-minute program that interviews Nashville artists, directors, song writers and industry leaders. Host Rick Altizer is himself part of the entertainment industry—as a songwriter, recording artist, music producer and film director. This program focuses on how the truth of the Gospel is communicated through the entertainment medium in today’s culture.

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Dec 16

David Altizer - Fathering Part 2

A continuation of a discussion with my son, David Altizer, about fathering.  How do I father my son now that he is also a father?  What are appropriate boundaries for suggestion-giving?  

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A discussion with my son, David Altizer, about fathering.  We discuss the challenges and joys of being a father.  There is great conversation about our own relationship and how we navigate together now that he is a father.  What are appropriate boundaries for us as grandparents with our son and daughter-in-law?  A frank and open conversation.

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A continuation of my discussion with pastor, author and speaker, John Driver. John Discusses writing with Tim Hawkins, Reggie Dabbs and his new book with Pastor Todd Wagner.  From an interview from 7-2017.

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Author, John Driver, discusses collaborative writing and having your name in small print on the cover of a book.  John also talks about his journey in becoming a published author. From and interview 07-2017.

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Back by popular demand, more music from my scripture memory album.  Thanks to all those who wrote in! Part 3 of a 3 part series.

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