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The Truth Pulpit features the dynamic Bible teaching of Don Green, founding pastor of Truth Community Church in Cincinnati, Ohio.  In this 26-minute daily broadcast, Don explains Scripture with clarity, conviction and compassion so that listeners not only understand God’s Word, but are also motivated to respond in trust and obedience.

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Oct 14

A Refresher on Parenting #3

What does it take to be the perfect parent- OK, that's a trick question, because in this fallen world, there's no such thing- But God's perfect Word can move us in the right direction.           Related StoriesA Refresher on Parenting #2An Introduction to the ChurchA Refresher on Parenting #1 

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Last time, Pastor Don Green began A Refresher on Parenting. He introduced the first couple of points to keep in mind as you raise your children in a godly manner- Be calm and be consistent. The same God that assures you of salvation unto eternal life, also equips you for every task he lays before you. Even when you feel clueless, God is still very much with you. Today, Don will further describe the kind of love parents should always show to their kids, a love that exhibits both grace and discipline. Have your Bible at hand...           Related StoriesAn Introduction to the ChurchA Refresher on Parenting #1A Refresher on Marriage #2 

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There are few higher callings than parenting- God gives parents the privilege of stewarding a life from birth to adulthood, reflecting the love of Christ through it all. But it's also one of the tougher assignments in life. How can we live up to it- Pastor Don Green helps you answer that question, as he offers the first part of A Refresher on Parenting.           Related StoriesA Refresher on Marriage #2A Refresher on Marriage #1Be Patient Until the Lord Comes 

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Last time Pastor Don Green established some major principles that define a good, godly marriage. He reminded us that marriage is a permanent union and an exclusive one. We'll also look at intimacy and, of course, love. Naturally, as our culture tries to redefine marriage, it also attempts to do the same with love, itself. That's why a firm, Biblical understanding is so vital to believers and to a healthy society, as well. So have your Bible handy, and let's join Pastor Don Green.

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The institution of marriage has been under attack for quite awhile now. So-called progressives have tried to change its definition, and superficially, it might look as though they've succeeded. But as Pastor Don Green will remind us today on THE TRUTH PULPIT, you can't change what belongs to God.

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