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The Truth Pulpit features the dynamic Bible teaching of Don Green, founding pastor of Truth Community Church in Cincinnati, Ohio.  In this 26-minute daily broadcast, Don explains Scripture with clarity, conviction and compassion so that listeners not only understand God’s Word, but are also motivated to respond in trust and obedience.

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Aug 16

Included in His Will #1

A new MP3 sermon from The Truth Pulpit is now available on SermonAudio with the following details: Title: Included in His Will #1 Speaker: Don Green Broadcaster: The Truth Pulpit Event: Radio Broadcast Date: 8/16/2019 Bible: Ephesians 1:11-12 Length: 26 min. Overview: It's no small thing to be included in God's will, even if His ultimate purpose is greater than our well-being. And on this edition of THE TRUTH PULPIT, Pastor Don Green will help us gain greater appreciation for God's unmerited favor, as we continue our series, Secure in Christ Forever.           Related StoriesThe Need for New BirthGod's Ultimate Purpose #2God's Ultimate Purpose #1 

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Aug 15

God's Ultimate Purpose #2

Last time, Don offered the first two of three points to help us understand what our universe is all about, and why it exists in the first place- To glorify Christ. We saw that there is obvious disorder in the universe and on earth, a huge rebellion going on. We were also reminded that God has disclosed His purposes, and Ephesians One is a treasure trove of revelation. On today's program, Don will discuss the destination of God's purpose. So have your Bible handy.

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Aug 14

God's Ultimate Purpose #1

People often think that God's whole purpose in creation and redemption is centered on us, the human race. And we do play an important part in His plan, but not the only or even most important part. That distinction belongs to Jesus Christ- And on this edition of THE TRUTH PULPIT, Pastor Don Green will take us further into our series, "Secure in Christ Forever," with Part One of a message titled, "God's Ultimate Purpose."

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Aug 13

Redeemed #2

Last time, Pastor Don Green looked at the fact of our redemption. He pointed out that the language of Ephesians 1:7 speaks of our redemption through the blood of Christ in the present tense- it's ongoing, insured by God, not subject to our ups and downs. Today, our teacher will hone in on the focus of redemption, so that we might better appreciate what lengths Christ went to on our behalf. So have your Bible again open to Ephesians, chapter one.

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Aug 12

Redeemed #1

When the apostle Paul speaks of redemption in Ephesians chapter one, what does it really mean? Pastor Don Green will give you a proper definition today on THE TRUTH PULPIT, as we continue our series, "Secure in Christ Forever."

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Aug 9

Adopted #2

We're continuing our series, "Secure in Christ Forever," with Part 2 of Don's message titled, "Adoption." Last time, Don helped us fully appreciate the reality of adoption into God's family. Before we knew Christ, we had been part of Satan's clan, bound for judgment and hell. Now that we have been adopted, we should be aware of certain results which our teacher will highlight for us on today's broadcast. So have your Bible open to Ephesians...

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Aug 8

Adopted #1

Most of us are familiar, at least in concept, with adoption in human terms. But the Bible tells us that as believers in Christ, we are adopted into God's family. The implications of that truth are staggering, as Pastor Don Green will remind you on this edition of THE TRUTH PULPIT.

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