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The Verdict

Christian talk radio with John Munro

In each program, listeners are challenged to turn to the Bible and render a “verdict” as they consider their personal response to the truth of God’s Word. Pastor John Munro presents a clear, no-nonsense examination of Scripture, offering insight and application for all backgrounds, from those unfamiliar with the Gospel to mature believers following Christ.

Recent Episodes

Sep 16

The Ninth Commandment: The Truth and Nothing But the Truth, Pt. 1

In our culture today, the truth is entirely relative. Lying has become an art form, institutionalized in business, in our politics, and common in our relationships. Who can we believe? On this episode of The Verdict, Pastor John Munro discusses the consequences of false witness and why followers of Jesus must always be committed to the truth.

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On this special episode of The Verdict, Pastor John Munro shares a powerful and personal message about dealing with grief, and the living hope we have as followers of Christ.

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From a young age, we’re taught that stealing is wrong. But as we get older and life gets more complicated, there are some types of theft we begin to justify, or simply choose to ignore. On this episode of The Verdict, Pastor John Munro examines the different implications of the Eighth Commandment. Some may surprise you!

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In today’s culture, marriage is treated as a trivial thing. Divorce is common, affairs are justified, and the very definition of marriage seems to be constantly changing. But on today’s episode of The Verdict, Pastor John Munro reminds us of the importance of God’s standard as he teaches on the Seventh Commandment.

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We live in a society of unrestrained sexuality. And some might think that followers of Jesus are too strict, too negative, or even bigoted and prejudiced. On this episode Pastor John Munro challenges us to look closely at the Seventh Commandment to understand this beautiful gift of God in the way that God intended, without distortion.

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