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The Verdict

Christian talk radio with John Munro

In each program, listeners are challenged to turn to the Bible and render a “verdict” as they consider their personal response to the truth of God’s Word. Pastor John Munro presents a clear, no-nonsense examination of Scripture, offering insight and application for all backgrounds, from those unfamiliar with the Gospel to mature believers following Christ.

Recent Episodes

Sep 25

Avoiding Burnout, Pt. 2

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To succeed in the professional world can involve long hours, working late, or being on call. And doing our best at home and work can sometimes feel like an impossible task! But on this episode of The Verdict, Pastor John Munro presents a biblical lesson that might surprise you--about finding the balance between work and rest.

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There’s a very real enemy working every day to oppose the will of God. But despite this opposition and our daily struggles, many believers overlook their most powerful spiritual resource: the power of prayer. In this episode of The Verdict Pastor John Munro helps us refocus our perspective on the power and privilege of prayer.

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Prayer is one of the most important aspects of the Christian life. But if we’re being honest, many of us have trouble keeping prayer as a priority. So on this episode of The Verdict Pastor John Munro begins an important lesson that will have you rethinking your perspective and approach to prayer.

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Throughout Scripture, there are many examples where God miraculously provided for His people. But when you think of these moments, do you sometimes wonder, “What about my needs?” Does He still provide for His people today? On this episode of The Verdict, Pastor John Munro addresses this question with a lesson about the provision of God.

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