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Founded by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, The Voice of the Martyrs has been dedicated to assisting persecuted Christians worldwide since 1967—through practical and spiritual assistance and leading other members of the body of Christ into fellowship with them. Voice of the Martyrs Radio is the weekly radio outreach of the ministry. Host Todd Nettleton interviews courageous Christians in countries where the gospel is opposed or banned altogether. These brave believers share their stories of how lives are being changed around the world.

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Jul 4

ERITREA: The Valley of Death

Americans will celebrate Independence Day on July 4th. And while Americans celebrate freedom and liberty, 600 persecuted Christians in the African nation of Eritrea will spend another weekend in prison—some of them have been in prison more than 15 years! Dr. Berhane knows what it’s like inside Eritrean prisons. He spent 11 months in prison for his faith in Christ. But, even in prison, he saw God’s hand at work and found opportunities to witness to others—including prisoners about to be executed. Imagine the feeling as prison guards would read the names of prisoners scheduled for execution that day, each prisoner wondering if this was the day their name would be on that terrible list. Yet in the midst of suffering and executions, Dr. Berhane says he experienced an inner peace through the presence of Jesus Christ. “Whenever I read the Scripture,” he says, “it’s full of persecution.” Listen as he explains how there is more freedom for Christians to worship inside Eritrean prisons than for Christians outside of prison. Today, Dr. Berhane is a voice for persecuted Christians in Eritrea through Release Eritrea, a UK-based charity. Be inspired as he shares his own story, and equips every listener to pray for Christians in Eritrea, including those 600 currently in prison. You can write letters on behalf Christians in prison in Eritrea through Never miss an episode of VOM Radio! .

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Ed Cannon is the President and CEO of Far East Broadcast Company. For 75 years, FEBC has been using radio to communicate the gospel to the least-reached people on earth. Their radio signals—and internet connections, smartphone apps and social media feeds—reach people speaking 129 languages in 50 countries. Included in those countries are hostile and restricted nations where Christians are persecuted for their faith in Christ. Ed has travelled the world to meet and support the broadcasters—including a 10-hour stay in jail when police discovered him carrying Christian materials for distribution in a hostile nation. Listen as Ed talks about the workers who lead FEBC’s in-country work, and how their commitment to Christ and to sharing the gospel inspires Ed’s own walk with Christ. Listen as Ed shares how FEBC signals and content are reaching minority language groups, including a signal sponsored in part by VOM. Never miss an episode of VOM Radio! on your favorite podcast service.

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Brother Jeremy, VOM’s deputy regional director for Africa, met Mary Sankagui just days after her husband—a pastor in Central African Republic—was killed for his faith in Christ and his ministry in a Muslim neighborhood. In spite of her loss, the woman Jeremy encountered had a deep sense of joy. Listen to hear Jeremy share the story of Pastor Jean-Paul Sankagui, and give us an update on current persecution in CAR and how the church there is responding and training the next generation of church leaders. Cole Richards, VOM’s President, joins us first to talk about Day of the Christian Martyr. How are Christians in free nations inspired by stories of exemplary Christians who served in the face of persecution and laid down their lives to advance Christ’s Kingdom? How can we pray for the families of martyred Christians? Never miss an episode!

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Covid-19 has hit hard in Syria, yet many are unwilling to acknowledge the illness in their honor-shame culture where getting sick can bring shame on a family. Brother John will update listeners on how the virus is affecting Syria—and how God’s Kingdom is advancing even amidst the pandemic. Learn what Christian persecution looks like today in Syria, and how Christians there respond. You’ll also hear specific ways to pray for Syrian Christians. John will share the story of God’s work in one family. Their son was born with a birth defect, and his mom felt such shame she attempted suicide multiple times. Then she met Jesus—and the transformation was so dramatic it radically changed the outlook for her family and impacted people all over their city. Brother John leads , working to proclaim the light and hope of Jesus Christ in the Middle East and North Africa. To learn more about the honor-shame culture in the Middle East, about sharing the gospel in an honor-shame culture. Never miss an episode of VOM Radio.

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When Petr Jasek spent 445 days in prison in Sudan, Omar al-Bashir was the dictatorial leader of the country. Since Petr’s release, Bashir’s government has been overthrown and Bashir locked inside one of the same prisons where Petr had been held. But are things really different for Christians in Sudan? Petr will answer that question as he returns to finish the conversation we began about his arrest and imprisonment in Sudan. In prison, Petr felt the Lord’s presence very near as he spent hours every day reading the Bible and praying. What has he done to maintain that same closeness as he returned to his normal, busy life? The story of Petr’s imprisonment—and the ministry God allowed him inside—is told in a brand new book, "Imprisoned with ISIS: Faith in the Face of Evil." You’ll receive a copy for free when you donate while this offer lasts.

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