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MISSIONS: This Is Why I’m Here

The Voice of the Martyrs Radio

Christian talk radio with Todd Nettleton

October 20, 2017

YWAM Frontier Missions (www.YWAMFM.com) is sending gospel workers to unreached peoples around the world, including many nations where Christians are persecuted for their faith. Listen as leaders from YWAM discuss the places where they see God working mightily today, and describe how they train church planters to thrive in hostile regions. They’ll talk about the most important quality they look for in gospel workers, a tenacity that will hang onto their faith and their calling in spite of hardship or persecution. Brian and Louise Hogan will share some of their story of planting a church in Mongolia (you can hear their full story here and here), and how that shapes the way they train church planters today. Kevin (who previously appeared on VOM Radio here) will share about how gospel workers take the training YWAM gives them and translate it into their specific cultural setting to meet the needs of the people where God has called them. (This extended online episode contains bonus portions of our interview that did not air as part of the radio broadcast version of this week’s episode.)

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