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October 27, 2017

Isaac Six has worked on the issue of religious freedom in Washington DC for years, and currently serves at the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom ( At age 16 he got first-hand experience being detained in a restricted nation. “It’s almost impossible not to be changed,” he says, when a Christian encounters the incredible examples of our persecuted brothers and sisters who stand boldly for Christ in spite of persecution and suffering. Isaac will help us understand the purpose and function of the USCIRF and how it works within the U.S. government, and with other nations, to promote religious freedom. He’ll share examples of when U.S. involvement has positively impacted a persecution case, and examples of when it hasn’t been as effective in bringing about change. Finally, Isaac will equip listeners to pray specifically for Christians serving in U.S. government roles in these challenging days.our interview that did not air as part of the radio broadcast version of this week’s episode.)

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