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Christian talk radio with Todd Nettleton

December 1, 2017

Edward Ayub grew up in a Muslim family, and aspired to be “one of the best Muslims.” When a Christian came to witness to Ayub during the Ramadan fast, Ayub was deeply offended. He gathered some friends and beat the Christian badly. When the Christian came back days later, Ayub was sure he was seeking revenge. Instead, that Christian forgave his attackers and continued to befriend Ayub. That response—forgiveness—forced Ayub to look more deeply at the teachings of Islam, and he found that the gospel of Christ answered questions Islam had no answer for. When Ayub chose to leave Islam behind and follow Christ, his village and even his own family turned against him. Listen to his amazing story, and hear how Christians in Bangladesh are facing persecution today, this week on VOM Radio. For more inspiring stories of brothers and sisters who are willing to face persecution rather than turn their back on Christ, subscribe to VOM’s free monthly newsletter at

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