TURKEY: Pastor’s Wife Security Threat? on Bott Radio Network

TURKEY: Pastor’s Wife Security Threat?

Christian talk radio with Todd Nettleton

August 22, 2020

Joy Subasiguller has lived in Turkey for 10 years. She’s a pastor’s wife and the mother of three small children. In the eyes of Turkey’s government, she’s also a threat to national security! Her application for continued residency in Turkey has been denied, and Joy faces expulsion from the country. Joy’s husband, today the pastor of a Turkish church, was born into a Muslim family. Joy will share how he decided to leave Islam and follow Jesus Christ—and the persecution he endured for that decision. Listen to hear how God called Joy to missions, and to Turkey, and how He’s given her and her husband complete peace, even as they face complete upheaval in their life and ministry. Joy will update listeners on her court case as she seeks the overturn of the expulsion order and that she be allowed to remain in Turkey. She’ll suggest specific ways to pray for her and her family, and for the broader church in Turkey. Never miss an episode of VOM Radio.

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