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Christian talk radio with Todd Nettleton

January 14, 2023

Susanne Geske was shocked to learn that her husband, Tilmann, had been murdered along with two Turkish Christians, Necati Aydin and Uğur Yüksel. The five murderers were arrested at the scene of the crime and Turkish media members rushed to Malatya to report on the “missionary massacre.” Susanne was able to use this opportunity to share the gospel of forgiveness and the love of Jesus, and her living example of forgiveness was broadcast all over Turkey. 15 years later, Susanne shares how God has become a father to her children and looked after her needs. She also gives an update on the killers’ trial and the search for justice. Many Muslims are searching privately online to learn more about Jesus and Christianity, and VOM Radio has shared a conversation with Semse Aydin, widow of Necati. Todd Nettleton wrote about meeting Susanne and Semse in Turkey just seven weeks after the murder of their husbands in his book, When Faith is Forbidden.

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