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IRAN: From Burning Churches to Burning With Holy Spirit Fire

The Voice of the Martyrs Radio

Christian talk radio with Todd Nettleton

July 1, 2023

Mansour Khajehpour was a teenager when he went to a Christian church for the first time during the Islamic revolution in Iran, with the intention of burning it down. However, the woman who opened the door was kind and caring, and her Christlike kindness changed the course of Mansour's life. He was eventually led to a Farsi-speaking pastor who answered his questions and gave him a Bible. Over time, God softened Mansour's heart and he eventually committed his life to Christ. Today, Mansour is a pastor in Seattle and a leader in the Iranian Bible Society, working to get God's Word to people in the Islamic Republic of Iran and other Farsi-speaking nations. Mansour and his wife Nahid have experienced persecution for their faith, and have been inspired by the examples of martyred friends and pastors. Mansour encourages listeners to memorize scripture and spiritual songs, which provided him great help and hope in prison. Pray for Mansour and Nahid's work providing Bibles for Iranian brothers and sisters, and for the persecuted church inside Iran.

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