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In one glorious moment your life changes. It could be as simple as a whisper in the wind or as revealing as the miracle of a new life. For every person that moment is a unique experience to hold onto forever. When God's Word changes the direction of your life that change is the "Turning Point" to an extraordinary new beginning. Dr. David Jeremiah founder of Turning Point Ministries is a communicator with a common sense approach to current issues providing Christians with sound Bible teaching relevant to today's world.

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Jul 26

Angels and Jesus (Pt. 2)

Angels figured prominently in the Christmas story, announcing Mary's pregnancy and Christ's birth. But that wasn’t the only duty they performed for the Savior. Today, Dr. David Jeremiah describes the angels’ service throughout Christ's ministry, at His death and resurrection, and more. From the series: Angels

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When people claim to have visited heaven during a near-death experience, do you believe them? What happens when a believer dies? Today, Dr. David Jeremiah shares the answer from God's Word. From the series: Angels

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They were with Jesus before His birth and will remain with Him for eternity in heaven. God uniquely blessed angels among all created beings! Dr. David Jeremiah reflects on the profound relationship that has always existed between the heavenly host and the Son of God. From the series: Angels

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Before God revealed Himself to us in the person of Jesus, He sometimes appeared as another figure: the Angel of the Lord. Dr. David Jeremiah continues his look at these appearances of God to His people: what they meant then, and what they mean for believers now. From the series: Angels

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In the Old Testament, we read about the Angel of the Lord, who is more powerful than other angels – seemingly divine. Who is He? Dr. David Jeremiah takes us into the Scriptures for a closer look at this figure to clear up the mystery and misinformation that often surround Him. From the series: Angels

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