Program 3590 Matthew Weber on Bott Radio Network

Program 3590 Matthew Weber

Christian talk radio with Radio Drama Production

November 3, 2019

3590 Matthew Weber (Addiction, Debt, Depression) When Matthew's dad and mom split as a result of his dad's alcoholism, Matthew's mom had to raise the kids all by herself. This meant Matthew had a lot of time alone and he started doing drugs with the friends he hung out with. After high school, his mom kicked him out of the house to separate his wild lifestyle from hers and his siblings. He moved to Phoenix where he grew addicted to even more drugs and lost the willpower to do anything else. When he moved home a year later, he was greatly in debt and without a purpose. Through his sister Erica's persistent encouragement and a divine appointment with a pastor, Matthew eventually realized he didn't need to clean up his act before coming to God. He gave his life to Jesus Christ and, with God's help, is becoming a kind of brother and father he can be proud of.

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