Program #3598 Phil Lacy, Part 2 - PG - Bott Radio Network

Program #3598 Phil Lacy, Part 2 - PG

Christian talk radio with Radio Drama Production

December 29, 2019

3598 Phil Lacy Part 2 PG (Speech Impediment, Drugs, Pride, Divorce) Going from drug dealer to highly successful pillar of the community, Phil turned his life around with hard work and a talent for auctioneering estates and trusts, which is especially surprising given Phil's speech impediment growing up. But all his success leads to a prideful attitude that launches his downfall into drug use, womanizing, divorce and despair. Phil cries out to the Lord and embarks on a new direction in life. He turns his attention to open air evangelizing, where he now uses his healed speech disorder to hallow God's name to the world and show that sometimes our greatest ministry flows out of our brokenness.

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