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Program #3603 Nabeel Qureshi, Part 1


Christian talk radio with Radio Drama Production

February 2, 2020

3603 Nabeel Qureshi Pt. 1 (Muslim, Family, Faith Investigation) Nabeel was raised in a well-respected Muslim family. From an early age he learned to love his heritage, traditions and wisdom. But when his family moved to the U.S. and Nabeel began to engage in a western education founded on critical thinking, he started to call his faith into question. In college, Nabeel struck up a friendship with a Christian guy named David. David and Nabeel encouraged each other to rigorously investigate and debate their respective views of God. The more Nabeel uncovered about Islam, the harder he found it to continue to worship Allah and the more compelling and reliable Jesus became. But leaving his faith would cost him his family and so much of his foundation. Nabeel prays to God to reveal himself.

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