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Program #3604 Nabeel Qureshi, Part 2


Christian talk radio with Radio Drama Production

February 9, 2020

Nabeel Qureshi Pt. 2 (Muslim, Family, Disease) Nabeel's investigation into Christianity left him compelled and unsure what to do with his traditional Muslim upbringing. Nabeel asked God to reveal the truth to him through dreams or visions. The first vision came to Nabeel on a trip with his dad in Florida. After praying in a hotel room, Nabeel sees a field of crosses. That very same night he has a dream full of symbols he doesn't know how to interpret. Nabeel's mother helps him interpret the symbols and the aspects of his dream seem to capture his struggle of faith. He asks God to be clearer and provide two more dreams and God does. The last two dreams are so undeniable in pointing to Christianity that Nabeel knows what he must do. Still, he is distraught over the disappointment he will bring to his family in deserting Islam. Nabeel receives Jesus and breaks the news to his family. Their relationship is up and down after that but Nabeel flourishes in his relationship with God. When he is diagnosed with stomach cancer, he uses his grim prognosis to share the hope of God with the world through online videos.

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