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Program 3693 Jordan Northrup Part 1


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October 24, 2021

3693 Jordan Northrup Pt 1 (Alcoholism, Divorce, Self-esteem) Jordan was born to parents who loved the Lord and made an effort to root him and his brothers in God’s love. But when his parents divorced and a move took him across the country to Maine, Jordan began to withdraw and struggled to fit in socially. His stutter didn’t help give him any confidence speaking up in class. After high school, he found drinking as an outlet to combat his social anxiety and make new friends. Before long, he was addicted. When Jordan joined the military, he went through periods of sobriety but always looked forward to his next chance to binge. Once he admitted he had a problem, Jordan tried and failed to fix it on his own. When his roommate started a Bible study, Jordan found the support he needed to stop drinking, but his challenges were not over.

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