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WallBuilders Live! is the daily, half-hour program of David Barton, founder and president of WallBuilders. David is a nationally known Christian author and historian. Together with co-host Rick Green, WallBuilders Live! meets at the intersection of faith and politics, capturing the ideas of America’s Founding Fathers and applying them to the news and issues of today.

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Aug 12

Two Former Democrat Judges Switch To Republican Party And More

Two Former Democrat Judges Switch To Republican Party And More -Two former democrat judges switch to republican party in Texas, a New York judge throws out State's quarantine camp law and more!

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Mass Murder Numbers, Conscience Rights, And More - On Foundations Of Freedom: Do mass murder events only happen in the United States, or is this a lie of the Left? What numbers would Chicago and St. Louis be in the list of the deadliest cities? Should you be able to carry a gun into church if it has been deemed a gun-free zone? It's Foundations of Freedom Thursday around here at WallBuilders, the day when we answer your questions about our foundational principles, current policies discussions, and more. Tune in to hear our answers to your questions and more!

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It's Time To Be Bold - With Sean Feucht: No doubt you've heard of Sean Feucht; a speaker, author, missionary, artist, activist, and the founder of multiple worldwide movements including Let Us Worship, which has gathered believers across America to worship and pray for revival. Today he joins us to discuss his new book: BOLD, Moving Forward in Faith, Not Fear. Tune in to hear this timely, inspiring interview and discover what force is powerful enough to turn riots into revivals!

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The Role of Government - From Building On The American Heritage Series: Today, we are sharing a segment from the television show we did call, "Building on the American Heritage. " We'll discover the true role of government. Tune in to understand God's principles for government, as well as the amazing influence pastors have had in American history!

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Patriotic Kids - New Release In Revolutionary Series By Robert Skead - We need to have more patriotic kids growing up in today’s America! Robert Skead joins us to discuss his books for kids focusing on teaching and inspiring patriotism, and too discuss his newest book in the Revolutionary War Series.

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