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Taking a Stand and Bolstering Liberty - with Joe Kennedy

WallBuilders Live!

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August 28, 2023

Prepare yourself for a riveting tale of resilience, faith, and a nine-year-long legal battle that restored one of the core principles of America - freedom of religion. We're excited to share the astounding victory of Joe Kennedy, a man whose faith in God, his Marine background, and his undying love for his country inspired him to fight for his rights at the Supreme Court. As a football coach from Bremerton, Washington, Joe Kennedy didn't shy away from taking a stand, and his relentless fight has redefined the landscape of religious liberty in our nation. As we reflect on the triumph of this landmark decision, we're privileged to give you a word from Kelly Shackleford of First Liberty Institute. He shares his profound insights on this game-changing victory. His views on how this decision has ignited a shift in the realm of religious liberty in America are thought-provoking. We will also tell you about Joe Kennedy's book, Average Joe. Hear Kennedy's transformative nine-year journey that sparked a movement to restore religious liberty. Get ready to be inspired and take your stand for freedom!Support the show

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