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Analyzing Affirmative Action and Promoting Unity with Dr. Carol Swain

WallBuilders Live!

Christian talk radio with David Barton

September 4, 2023

Unlock the truth behind the left-wing notions of CRT, DEI, and more with our esteemed guest, Dr Carol Swain, in an insightful discussion. As an influential conservative voice and PragerU contributor, Dr Swain brings a fresh perspective to the debate surrounding the Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action and the ensuing backlash from the left. Be ready to engage in a comprehensive exploration of her new book, The Adversity of Diversity. Our dialogue with Dr Swain doesn't stop there; we move past the surface and delve into the essence of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, casting the spotlight on nondiscrimination and equal opportunity. Dr Swain presents a compelling argument against the left's pursuit of equal outcomes, advocating for equal opportunities instead. She highlights the potential harm in lowering standards for minorities. We examine the significance of unity in society. We bring into focus the alarming spread of progressive racism. Underlining the dangers of disregarding a biblical foundation, Dr Swain demonstrates the potential for the proliferation of detrimental philosophies. Lastly, get ready to delve deeper into the Constitution Day celebration and the importance of physical and constitutional defense in Fredericksburg, Texas, at Patriot Academy. Join us in standing against the wrong and curbing the propagation of harmful and woke ideologies. Support the show

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