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A Political Firestorm: Senator Phil King's Perspective on the Paxton Impeachment Trial

WallBuilders Live!

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September 25, 2023

Imagine being a fly on the wall during one of the most riveting impeachment trials in Texas history. In our latest episode, we have the privilege of unpacking this historic event with a man who was in the eye of the storm—Texas State Senator Phil King. He gives us an insider's perspective of this ongoing trial that unfolded, grabbing the nation's attention due to its unique circumstances and high stakes. We delve into the multitude of allegations against Ken Paxton, including bribery and unethical conduct. Senator King discloses the immense pressure to acquit Paxton, and the difficult task of making a decision based solely on evidence and law. He also discusses Angela Paxton's role in the trial. The episode will uncover the unusual impeachment process in the Texas House of Representatives--one that didn’t involve any sworn testimony.  Get ready for a deep dive into the heart of Texas politics. Don't miss out!Support the show

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