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Engaging Conversations, "What is it?" Living Waters new Pro Life Movie, with Mark Spence

WallBuilders Live!

Christian talk radio with David Barton

September 26, 2023

Looking to sharpen your skills of debate and gain insight into the power of apologetics? You're at the right place. We're joined by the insightful Mark Spence from Living Waters, ready to unpack the importance of asking questions to engage in meaningful discussions. We examine Jesus' example in the Gospels of using questions as conversation tools, particularly in addressing misinformation or opposing viewpoints.  Transitioning into more sensitive topics, we dive headfirst into the pro-life debate and abortion. Join us as we explore how to navigate these difficult conversations with empathy and understanding. Mark throws light on the impact Living Waters' new film "What Is It? " can have in spreading the message. We also address the Black Lives Matter movement and the necessity of acknowledging that all lives matter, including the unborn.  In the final stretch of our conversation, we switch gears to the need for equipping our churches and individuals with the knowledge and tools needed for evangelism and apologetics. Mark explains how films like these can ignite discussions on topics such as abortion. As we wrap up, we explore the concept of biblical citizenship and how it can benefit modern America. We also share resources for you to delve deeper into these topics. Get ready for an enlightening discussion that will arm you with tools for engaging in these conversations. Support the show

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