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Shaping the Fate of the Free World - Our Role and Responsibility

WallBuilders Live!

Christian talk radio with David Barton

September 27, 2023

Eager to understand the roots of America and the ideals it stands for? Let's embark on an enlightening journey as we explore the significance of these in the contemporary world. We introduce you to Rick Green’s new talk show, The Tavern, where we engage in stimulating conversation. We take a leaf out of our founding fathers’ book, revealing how their intellectual exchanges have set the bar for us today. We dive into the need for civic engagement and the role we play in shaping the fate of the free world. Our journey doesn't stop there. We move on to consider the safeguarding of our freedoms and the importance of their advocacy in public forums. John Lovell's Warrior Poet concept comes into play as we delve into the lurking dangers of tyranny, and our responsibility during crises. Our guest, Patriot Academy leader Elias Coop-Gonzalez, offers a glimpse into his journey of fighting for freedom. We wrap up our discussion by reflecting on the profound influence politics has on American culture and freedom, and our responsibility as Warrior Poets in shaping our society. This episode serves as a reminder of our role in preserving the liberties enshrined in our Constitution for future generations. Support the show

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