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Israel at a Crossroads: Rabbi Lapin's Perspective on the Crisis in Israel and the Global Implications

WallBuilders Live!

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October 12, 2023

In the heat of the crisis unfolding in Israel, the situation is far more complex than it appears. You'll get a chance to hear first-hand from Rabbi Daniel Lapin, who is on the ground in Israel, providing us with an update on this tragic situation. Unveiling a series of uncensored truths, we expose the horrifying videos released by Hamas and the despicable evil they're openly showcasing. Echoing Rudyard Kipling's wisdom, we stress that wild entities, like Hamas, can't be tamed or reasoned with.  Bearing witness to this crisis, the silver lining is the unparalleled unity formed amongst the Israeli people. Rabbi Lapin intricately explains how Gaza's fence, the world's most scrutinized border, was breached by terrorists, a failure left unchecked for over five frightful hours. We explore the changing political landscape and the newfound unity amidst this tragedy. Brace yourself as we dissect the ugly struggle between civilization and barbarism that is unfolding, and the unfortunate role the U. S. has played previously. The tragedy in Israel isn't isolated; it has serious implications for our global security and the importance of maintaining vigilant borders. In the wake of such a catastrophe, it's time we question the wisdom of open borders and consider the need to make sounder decisions. Together, we navigate these grave issues through a biblical, historical, and constitutional lens. This isn't just about understanding; it's about acknowledging the frightening realities of our world and learning how to respond. Support the show

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