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Pulling Back the Curtain: An In-depth Analysis of the Israel-Hamas war with Omer Eshel

WallBuilders Live!

Christian talk radio with David Barton

October 17, 2023

Who's really pulling the strings in the heart-wrenching Israel-Hamas war? Our dear friend and Israeli citizen, Omer Eshel, joins us to debunk common misconceptions and shed light on the ground over realities of this complex situation - from brainwashing in universities to liberals defending Hamas. Our discussion doesn't merely skim the surface. Omer grants us a comprehensive view into the deceptive tactics of Hamas and the struggle Israel faces in differentiating between civilians and terrorists. We dig into Israel's defensive tactics against Iran's threats, and spotlight the invaluable aid provided by WallBuilders. This ranges from crucial communication systems to essential supplies for refugees and support for children of army personnel. Amidst the geopolitical tensions, we also explore the potential implications should other Islamic nations join the conflict, and the prospect of a friendship with Saudi Arabia. Finally, we shift our focus to Mercury One, a valiant non-profit organization dedicated to aiding Americans stranded in Israel, while simultaneously supporting Israel's defense. We end our episode with an impassioned plea to you, our listeners, to navigate over to Mercury One's website and contribute to their noble cause. Join us for this pivotal conversation about the Israel-Hamas war - and discover the essence of our shared humanity and how you can lend your support. Support the show

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