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Decoding Middle East Tensions: Rudy Atallah's insights on the Israel-Hamas War

WallBuilders Live!

Christian talk radio with David Barton

October 30, 2023

Prepare for an enlightening journey featuring our guest, Rudy Atallah, the driving force behind the Nazarene Fund. Rudy, with his military background and profound understanding of Middle Eastern dynamics, dissects the escalating conflict between Hamas and Israel, painting a vivid picture of the potential global implications and how these events could catapult us into a third World War. His insights are not just informative, but a clarion call for every informed citizen and Christian to stand in solidarity, pray, and usher in the right leaders.  We plunge further into the labyrinth of the Israel-Palestine conflict, and the deceptive warfare strategies of Hamas and Hezbollah. Rudy unravels the insidious propaganda machine manipulating university students towards a pro-Palestine stance and the challenges Israel faces with US leadership that, at times, tends to speak from both sides of the mouth. This segment is an eye-opener, breaking down the complexities of the situation and highlighting the urgent need for truth and transparency. Our conversation with Rudy concludes with an explorative dig into American history, the heroism of our veterans, and the essential work of the Nazarene Fund. The fund's mission to rescue persecuted Christians and other religious minorities is a beacon of hope amid the chaos. But there's more – Rudy shares the gritty realities of unconventional warfare. The challenges of waging war in hostage-laden territories are daunting. But amid the uncertainty and despair, we are urged to pray for our military and the wisdom of our leaders. This episode, a stark illumination of the Middle East's fragile state, is a call to action for all of us. Support the show

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