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Global Governance vs Biblical Law with Michele Bachmann

WallBuilders Live!

Christian talk radio with David Barton

November 7, 2023

Could you imagine a world where a foreign entity has the power to make decisions on our behalf? In our latest episode, former Congresswoman, Michele Bachmann, sheds light on the dangerous potential of handing our sovereignty over to the World Health Organization. With her vast political experience and current role as the Dean of the Robertson School of Government at Regent University, Bachmann offers a unique perspective that intertwines faith, culture, and government. From discussing the WallBuilders Pro-Family Legislators Conference to understanding how the Biden administration's plans could affect our nation, we uncover a world where God worked through imperfect people to create greatness. We explore the critical role of training the next generation of leaders with a biblical worldview - a mission that is core to Bachmann's work at Regent University. We also confront the threat of the Marxist 1619 project and reveal the importance of understanding the biblical basis of law amidst increasing government lawlessness.  However, our discussion doesn't stop at the crossroads of faith, culture, and government. We also question the real implications of global governance, especially in the wake of COVID lockdowns. Bachmann probes the increasing authority that the World Health Organization is assuming over global pandemic responses, and how it threatens our sovereignty. With countless proposed amendments to the international health rules and a looming global pandemic treaty, we highlight the urgency of voicing our concerns to federal officers and governors. So, tune in if you're interested in staying informed and understanding the steps you can take. Support the show

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