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Engaging in Civic Duties Amidst Potential Fraud: A Discussion on Ballot Harvesting

WallBuilders Live!

Christian talk radio with David Barton

November 15, 2023

Ever wondered how regulations around ballot harvesting affect electoral outcomes? We're peeling back the layers on this controversial topic, tackling the delicate balance of using the tools that are available while pushing to remove ballot harvesting from the law. We take you on a whirlwind tour of differing state regulations on the topic. We must ensure robust verification with checks and balances. Our guest today is Hans von Spakovsky from The Heritage Foundation. Listen, as he walks us through this delicate topic. There is ongoing ballot trafficking in our country. What can we do? We leave no stone unturned. We illuminate the constitutional provision that empowers legislatures to dictate election law and we unearth the pitfalls of tampering with ballots and the criticality of documentation in such instances. Lastly, we plunge headfirst into the debate storming around election rules pertaining to ballot harvesting. We dissect how regulations from the states that tolerate some form of ballot harvesting, shape electoral outcomes. We bring to light the importance of staying engaged in the political process, regardless of the potential for fraud, emphasizing the need for personal responsibility in fulfilling civic duties. Step into this vital conversation on our electoral process and the call for wisdom and action rather than surrendering to the status quo. Don't miss out!Support the show

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