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April 05

Sermon - Solar Eclipse - 1806

Lathrop was born in Norwich, Connecticut. After graduating from Yale, he took a teaching position at a grammar school in Springfield, Massachusetts...

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About WallBuilders Live!

WallBuilders Live! is the daily, half-hour program of David Barton, founder and president of WallBuilders. David is a nationally known Christian author and historian. Together with co-host Rick Green, WallBuilders Live! meets at the intersection of faith and politics, capturing the ideas of America’s Founding Fathers and applying them to the news and issues of today.

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Broadcast Episode


Cherishing the Legacy of Our Nation's Defenders

Today's heartfelt episode unfolds with the story of the four chaplains from the USS Dorchester, whose acts of heroism during World War II exemplify the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. As we traverse the emotional landscape of America's military past, we pay tribute to these selfless servicemen and delve into the history of Memorial Day. We reflect on its transformation from Decoration Day and emphasize the profound importance of remembering our fallen heroes. We explore these narratives, reinforcing our collective duty to honor the bravery of those who have worn our nation's uniform. The episode takes a somber turn as we discuss the lasting scars of battle, sharing the heart-wrenching tale of Ira Hayes and his struggle with post-traumatic stress upon returning from World War II. The conversation sheds light on the significant role of faith and prayer in bolstering the spirits of these warriors amidst the horrors of combat, particularly in the challenging Pacific theater. We contrast the historical lack of veteran support with modern advancements and the invaluable assistance provided by faith-based organizations. The discussion also touches on the brutal combat tactics of the Japanese Empire, revealing the complex cultural and psychological battles faced by American soldiers. In a powerful conclusion, we recount the candid discussion with Brian Birdwell from yesterday, where he offered his unique insights on survival and resilience, drawn from his harrowing experiences and captured in his book "Refined by Fire. " His interview was a testament to the strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity. We invite our listeners to immerse themselves in the wealth of historical knowledge available at WallBuilders.comand to catch up on any series segments they've missed at WallBuildersLive. com. Join us again tomorrow as we wrap up this enlightening series, keeping the legacies of our nation's bravest burning bright in our memories. Support the Show.

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Broadcast Episode

Monday, May 27

Honoring the Fallen and Reclaiming Our Historical Narrative with Lt. Col. Brian Birdwell

We’ve always held a deep reverence for the sacrifices made by our military heroes. This Memorial Day, we’re inviting you to join us in a special tribute, where we offer a solemn remembrance of fallen servicemen and women. With Texas State Senator and retired Lieutenant Colonel Brian Birdwell's gripping recount of surviving the 9-11 Pentagon attack, we're not just recounting history; we're connecting with the hearts behind the uniforms and we're recognizing the personal cost of our cherished freedoms. As we reflect on Birdwell's brush with death on that fateful September day, his journey through recovery, and the comfort of President Bush's hospital visit, we underscore the indomitable spirit that has defined America since its inception. Our conversation spans from personal testament to historical legacies, as we remember the fallen. Support the Show.

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Broadcast Episode

Friday, May 24

Exploring America's Spiritual Core on Good News Friday

Today on Good News Friday  we look at some stories on David and Tim’s stack of good news articles- Billy Graham is honored with a statue in the US Capitol. Ohio purges its voter roll of ineligible and fraudulent voters. Companies who practice wokeness are continuing to suffer. San Francisco is requiring welfare recipients to undergo drug testing before receiving government assistance. And military aid is once again being sent to Israel. Discover the profound influence of faith on America's foundations for an enlightening journey through the hallowed halls of the U. S. Capitol. We're examining the spiritual messages embedded in the architecture, underscored by the recent unveiling of the Billy Graham statue. Pastors, you're especially invited to our exclusive DC briefing where we'll delve into the historical threads that weave religion and governance together. Plus, we'll tackle how Ohio's new law is setting a precedent for election integrity, ensuring that only U. S. citizens can cast their vote—commendable work that could reshape the voting landscape. The pulse of the public is thumping with reactions to corporate America's stance during Pride Month—with companies like Bud Light, Disney, and Target feeling the heat. We analyze the consumer backlash that is forcing corporations to realign with their customer base. Meanwhile, San Francisco's surprising political pivot casts light on shifting societal values, as voters push for stricter welfare measures and stronger police presence. Join us as we dissect these critical moments and their ramifications on our nation's dialogue between electorate, governance, and the social fabric that binds us all. Support the Show.

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Broadcast Episode

Thursday, May 23

Navigating the Nexus of Faith and Civics on Foundations of Freedom Thursday

Today on Foundations of Freedom Thursday, we address some listener questions- What does the term "civics" mean and what do good civics look like? What policies can be crafted for the school board that will have lasting impact on the rising generation? How are public schools funded? And what happens financially when a state switches to school-choice? Explore the intricate tapestry where faith weaves into the governance and engage in a reflection on how our deepest beliefs shape societal norms. Together we unravel the transformation of civics education, emphasizing the instrumental role it plays in cultivating informed leaders who can navigate the complexities of government and political engagement. This episode promises to offer educators and school board leaders alike, insightful narratives and hands-on historical perspectives that serve as a beacon for upholding the tenets of American freedom amidst educational decline. Delving into the realm of civic principles, we discuss the profound impact of historical figures like William Wilberforce, who exemplified the power of steadfastness within parliamentary procedures. By fostering civility and competence in the next generation, we advocate for an education system that prioritizes foundational principles over fleeting content. Our dialogue provides invaluable advice for those at the helm of shaping educational policies, ensuring that American liberties and core values are not only preserved but also flourish within our schools. The financial backbone of educational institutions is a complex and evolving landscape. We dissect the source of financing for our public schools. In this exploration, we also celebrate the promising outcomes of school choice programs and challenge the status quo of educational funding, advocating for competition over monopoly. This episode is not just a discussion but a call to action for listeners to engage with and support choice and empowerment in educational decision-making, setting the stage for a more informed and dynamic populace. Support the Show.

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Broadcast Episode

Wednesday, May 22

Defending Constitutional Freedoms: Battling the Administrative State's Overreach

Uncover the shadowy expansion of a 'fourth branch' of government as we probe the murky waters where bureaucracy meets accountability—or rather, where it doesn't. We're joined by Philip Hamburger, who shines a light on the administrative state's unchecked influence, especially through the lens of Obamacare. His fight through legal channels against the overreach of unelected officials is more than a crusade; it's an essential defense of the Constitution and our freedoms. With revealing insights into the organizations like the New Civil Liberties Alliance that share this battlefield, this episode is a rallying cry for every listener who values constitutional integrity. As we navigate the complexities of Chevron deference and its profound implications on civil liberties and our justice system, we stand at the frontlines of key legal battles. By dissecting landmark cases such as Relentless and Murthy v. Missouri, we expose the creeping influence of government overreach on private platforms and free speech. This isn't just a conversation about the separation of powers; it's a call to action, emphasizing the necessity of strategic battles to protect our civil liberties. Your support for organizations championing these causes is not mere charity—it's a vital investment in the preservation of freedoms that touch every facet of our lives. Support the Show.

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