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Loyal listeners make the difference – companies see results from Bott Radio Network advertising because our listening families appreciate the difference Christian teaching makes in their lives. Because our programming helps our listeners’ lives, they are loyal and responsive. They say “thank you” by supporting the businesses that sponsor Bott Radio Network programming.

Bott Radio Network listeners:

  • are heavily exposed to the radio and are influenced daily by our radio network wherever they go…at home, at the office and in the car.
  • stay tuned-in during commercial breaks because our life-changing talk radio format is a foreground medium that actively engages our audience.
  • are a quality listening audience that consists of families with children.
  • own homes, are well educated and are investors with high disposable income.
  • buy clothes and furniture, take vacations, eat out, seek services such as financial, medical, home repair and more.
  • are loyal and make it a point to patronize our advertisers because they trust BRN and the businesses that advertise on our radio network.

Contact your local Bott Radio Network office. Let us connect you with a listening audience and deliver results for your business.

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