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Bott Radio Network has an exceptionally loyal audience that delivers impressive, proven results.  With our faith-based talk format, BRN features messages that make a real impact on people’s lives.  That’s why our listeners don’t go “station-hopping.” They actually pay close attention to the commercials, because they love to patronize businesses they hear about on BRN.  Advertisers have been amazed at how our listeners go out of their way to do business with them.

Site Sponsor Options

We offer several alternatives for website advertising, which can be tailored to your local market with our geo-locating feature, or reach a nation-wide, or even world-wide audience.  BRN has regular online listeners in all 50 states and we’ve heard from listeners in over 170 countries around the world.

 On-Air Sponsor Options

With over 100 radio stations across the United States, Bott Radio Network can help you reach an affluent, loyal audience with a custom advertising schedule to help you grow your business.

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