95.1 FM Back up to 100,000 Watts of Power - Bott Radio Network

95.1 FM Back up to 100,000 Watts of Power

A Special Thanks to BRN Listeners in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Surrounding Areas


We appreciate the many concerned listeners who have contacted us about our signal at95.1 FM that serves Oklahoma City, Tulsa and surrounding areas. In June, our antenna was struck by lightning and sustained extensive damage. As a result, the signal strength and coverage area of 95.1 FM were greatly reduced. We are happy to report repairs have been completed, and the signal is back to its full 100,000 watts of power!
We are so thankful for the prayers and support of loyal listeners like you. We regularly heard from many listeners while repairs were being made, and we would like to hear from you again.  Let us know how the signal strength is in your area by contacting us viaFacebookTwitter, or replying to this email. And please share this exciting news about95.1 FM with your friends and family,

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