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Relationships are what Bellevue Baptist Church is all about. Most importantly, Bellevue seeks to help people grow in their relationship with God. Bellevue is a place where families can grow closer to each other and where they can make lasting friendships. Bellevue is truly "A Family of Friends."

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Jul 21

No Angry Missionaries | Dr. Grant Gaines

1. Because Anger is Hateful (Jonah 4:1-4) (Matthew 5:43-44) (Proverb 24:17). 2. Because Anger is Selfish (Jonah 4:5-9) (Matthew 18:32-33). 3. Because Anger is Ungodly (Jonah 4:2, 10-11) (Luke 19:41-42; 13:34).

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July 11, 2021 | Dr. Charles Lowery guest preaches in our weekend service in a special sermon titled "When Life Caves In, What Then?" Looking at the life of Job, we'll see how God can use tragedy to build us up and reveal amazing insights about Himself. For more sermons each week, be sure to subscribe so you can stay in the know. Bellevue Baptist Church, Memphis, TN |

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Sermon Outline 1. Receive Jesus as Savior and Lord      A. Repent of Sin      B. Believe in Jesus      C. Receive Jesus 2. Be a Spirit-filled, Mature Christian      A. Spirit-filled      B. Mature 3. Obey the Laws      A. Government Comes from God      B. God Comes Before Government 4. Pray for America      A. Pray for Leaders      B. Pray Geographically      C. Pray Scripture 5. Develop a Godly Family 6. Be a Faithful Member of a Local Church 7. Share Jesus with Lost People 8. Be Salt and Light      A. Engage Your Community      B. Stay Informed on Social Issues      C. Share Your Views with Others 9. Get Involved Politically      A. Register and Vote      B. Know Candidate’s Stances      C. Contact Your Congressman      D. Run for Political Office 10. Pray for Revival

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June 27, 2021 | Pastor Steve Gaines continues through the Book of James, preaching from James 4:11-12 on "Who Are You to Judge Your Neighbor?" While God has called us to discern between that which is Godly and that which is evil, we can also feel an inappropriate desire to judge others by our own imperfect standards.

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Sermon Outline Main Passage: Psalm 119:1051. How We Got the Bible - Canonization 2. The Inspiration of the Bible      A. Inspiration is not...           1) Mechanical Inspiration - God dictated it           2) Dynamic Inspiration - Ideas inspired, not words           3) Partial Inspiration - Only parts are inspired           4) Naturalistic Inspiration - Like any good book      B. Inspiration is verbal and plenary           1) Plenary - All is inspired (Psalm 119:160)           2) Verbal - Words are inspired (Matthew 5:18) 3. What We Believe About the Bible (Baptist Faith and Message, 2000) 4. Facts About the Bible      A. It is Perfect (Psalm 19:7a) (Psalm 119:160)      B. It is Trustworthy (Psalm 19:7b) (Psalm 93:5)      C. It is Correct (Psalm 19:8a) (Psalm 119:128      D. It is Clear (Psalm 19:8b) (Psalm 12:6)      E. It is True (Psalm 19:9b) (John 17:17)      F. It is Righteous (Psalm 19:9b) (Psalm 119:138)      G. It is Desirable (Psalm 19:10) (Psalm 119:97)      H. It is Inspired (2 Timothy 3:16)      I. It is Inerrant (Numbers 23:19) (Romans 3:4) (Titus 1:2) (Hebrews 6:18)      J. It is Infallible (Psalm 119:105)      K. It is Authoritative (Matthew 5:1-9)      L. It is Eternal (Isaiah 40:8)      M. It is Christ-Centered (John 5:39-40) 5. Functions of the Bible      A. It Leads Us to Salvation (2 Timothy 3:14-15)      B. It Helps Us to Be Sanctified (2 Timothy 3:16)      C. It Prepares Us for Service (2 Timothy 3:16-17) 6. Understanding the Bible      A. Read It (Revelation 1:3)      B. Hear It (Romans 10:17)      C. Study It (2 Timothy 2:15)      D. Memorize It (Psalm 119:11)      E. Meditate On It (Joshua 1:8)      F. Pray It (John 15:7)      G. Obey It (Luke 11:27-28) (James 1:22)      H. Share It (Ezra 7:10) (Acts 8:35)

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