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This live call-in program with June Hunt provides practical and Biblical help to callers in a compassionate and understanding way. Call 1-800-488-HOPE (4673) for information. To schedule time with June on Hope In The Night, please leave your information at 1-800-NIGHT-17 (800-644-4817).

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Dec 2


The "guests" on this program are the callers, and they're treated with careful respect, rather than being rushed, dismissed, and replaced. Topics covered in this 1-hour broadcast: Rejection Rejection: This topic revolves around the emotional experience of being deliberately excluded, dismissed or not accepted by individuals or a group. The discussion may involve the causes and effects of rejection, how to cope with the feeling of rejection, and strategies to overcome it. Free Resources: This refers to a collection of materials and tools that are available without any charge, which can help individuals understand and navigate through the topic discussed in the broadcast. This could include informational brochures, articles, online courses or contacts for professional help. Appearance on future broadcast: This topic discusses giving listeners the opportunity to directly participate in future radio broadcasts. This may involve contributing to the discussions, sharing personal experiences related to the topic, and receiving direct advice or insights from the host.

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Reconciliation: This is a process that involves the restoration of friendly relations between individuals or groups who were previously in conflict. It is usually a mutual decision by both parties to put their differences aside and come to a new understanding or agreement to improve their relationship.

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The "guests" on this program are the callers, and they're treated with careful respect, rather than being rushed, dismissed, and replaced. Topics covered in this 1-hour broadcast: Spiritual Warfare Spiritual Warfare: This refers to the struggles individuals face against the influences and temptations of spiritual forces, such as evil and sin. It can refer both to individual personal battles and larger societal or communal conflicts, and it often involves discussions around faith, morality, and personal strength. Free Resources: These are materials that are available for no financial cost, often provided on topics discussed in the program, to assist listeners in understanding and dealing with said topics. They can include articles, books, courses, etc. Hope In The Night: This is presumably the program's 'call-in' segment where listeners can directly interact with the program's host, June, discussing personal or family issues for advice or assistance. It is a segment that promotes personal communication and sharing.

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Spiritual Warfare: This term refers to a perceived battle between forces of good and evil, often seen in religious and spiritual contexts. It encompasses various strategies to resist, overcome, and defeat spiritual forces that hinder religious or spiritual progress. These may include practices such as prayer, faith-based declarations, evoking divine or angelic assistance, or the use of specific spiritual principles or truths.

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Nov 25


Anxiety: A mental health disorder characterized by feelings of worry, anxiety, or fear that are strong enough to interfere with one's daily activities.

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