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Today's world can be exceedingly hostile toward those who name the name of Christ. That's why the American Center for Law and Justice presents Jay Sekulow Live and Jay Sekulow Live Weekend bold, half-hour programs addressing the problems of Christian rights in the workplace, school, and marketplace of ideas. Join host Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel for the ACLJ, as he assists listeners in upholding the rights of Christians. He is the author of several books on Christian rights including Knowing Your Rights. To call the program and participate on the show, call 1-800-684-3110.

Recent Episodes

Mar 27

Jay Sekulow Live - Thu, Mar 26th, 2020

Jordan and Thann break down a far-left organization calling for the abolition of families in light of the coronavirus.

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Jordan and Thann break down the text of the Senate bill that was passed yesterday and they preview what the House might do.

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On today's program, Jay, Logan, and Thann discuss the 2 trillion dollar stimulus package agreed upon by the Senate as it moves it's way into the House.

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Jay, Logan and Thann break down the continuing negotiations in the House and the Senate, specifically Nancy Pelosi's power grab.

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Jay, Logan and Thann breakdown the possible Congressional and Senate solutions for the third phase aid package to deal with Coronavirus and the economic fallout.

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